Future Classics: 12 Smart Roadster

Future Classics: 12 Smart Roadster

For the final car to feature in his year-long series covering ‘collectable’ models introduced during the three decades since the Western Group of Motoring Writers was formed, Kim Henson takes a close look at another modern classic, the diminutive but sporty 21st century smart Roadster –

Testing Times…

We couldn’t let the long Christmas and New Year holiday pass without giving you something to think about, so John Kerswill has come up with this quiz and the answers will be revealed on 6 January –

From the chair: December 2013

It’s stir-up Sunday as I write this – a traditional reminder to get on with making the Christmas pudding, although for the Christmas cake maker in the Kendall household (me) it’s a gentle nudge to go out, get the ingredients, book some time with Ken (Wood) and get the...