The Western Group of Motoring Writers was formed in 1983 to provide a body which can not only represent the views of its members when communicating with others in the motor industry, but also perform the role of event organiser for motoring events, test drives and new model launches.

The Western Group of Motoring Writers boasts over 20 full and honorary members with interests that cover the full range of motoring journalism, including regional and national press, broadcast media, trade press, photography, video and specialist publications.

Group activities are held throughout the region on a regular basis. We constantly strive to raise professional standards and protect our members’ interests and liaise with motoring writers’ groups in other parts of the UK.

Kia hosting the group ahead of the Annual PR Driving Day at Castle Combe

The highlight of our year is undoubtedly the WGMW’s annual invitation-only PR Driving Day held at Castle Combe race circuit in Wiltshire each summer, when we see a wide range of cars available to be test driven by representatives of the motor manufacturers’ press office teams.

Recent Posts

From the Chair: September 2021

Electric cars are slowly improving, a development that some members of the WG recently were able to ascertain for themselves driving Honda’s new battery entry to the European market, the E. But while their manufacturers energetically promote them, electric cars remain stubbornly unprofitable. The tyre makers on the other hand are rubbing their hands with…

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From the Chair: July 2021

While the pandemic with its daily statistics and intermittent lockdowns has naturally dominated the news for a year-and-a-half, other matters of interest, not to say concern, have often been overlooked. A case in point is the rise and rise of urban clean air zones, hitherto largely unchallenged because the general public has so far felt…

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Stonehenge and the motorist: A 6000 year old story… so far – by Dave Moss

On 12 November 2020, permission was granted to join up existing dual carriageways on the A303 in Wiltshire via a new dual carriageway section, running via a twin-bore four-lane road tunnel just south of Stonehenge. The decision reignited controversy which has raged over roads near this unique site for over 50 years, though since 2000,…

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