It’s stir-up Sunday as I write this – a traditional reminder to get on with making the Christmas pudding, although for the Christmas cake maker in the Kendall household (me) it’s a gentle nudge to go out, get the ingredients, book some time with Ken (Wood) and get the cake made.

It’s also a reminder that with the AGM behind us last week, it’s time to get on with Western Group matters. First of all, I can only repeat my thanks to the outgoing committee and to acting Chairman Reg Burnard who stepped into the breach in the summer and ensured that the group held together until the AGM. He’s done a good job of keeping the group on an even keel.

It’s time to crack on with the 2014 PR Driving Day too. Ford has told us that competing dates have ruled them out of sponsorship of the “Day Before” event that they have kindly hosted for the past few years, so the search is on for a replacement. Many thanks to Tim and Oliver for their support over the past few years, it has been a great help to the group. Nothing lasts for ever though and we must find an alternative sponsor.

We will be having a committee meeting before Christmas to make sure that the 2014 Driving Day gets off to a good start.  As incoming chairman I need to get up to speed on sponsors and ideas for the event.

In the meantime, we look forward to handing over a cheque for £500 to the National Star College at the Mitsubishi ASX launch on 18 December, so be there if you can please. If you want a better idea of how our money will help the excellent work of the college, take a look for yourself at 

Before then most of the group will be meeting up for our annual Christmas Dinner at the Lanes Hotel on 7 December. Once again Andrew Morland has taken on the organisation of the event and our thanks are due to the Morlands for making the arrangements. I look forward to seeing you there.

I’m very sorry to see us lose so many members in the run-up to the AGM. They have all contributed to the group, so thanks to them all and I hope that some of them will be able to return. Welcome too to Melanie Carter who joins us.

A few reminders too. If members would please fill in their update forms and get them back to Glen Smale as soon as possible, we can keep our PR contacts up to date. Don’t forget the Knowledge Garage either, it’s a way of giving the group some profile locally and might even put money in pockets. Get in touch with Robin or Liz if you want to sign up.

Last but not least, a reminder that Glen Smale will be stepping down as honorary secretary at the 2014 AGM and without a new hon secretary, the group will have no alternative but to close. Pick Glen’s brains about what the job involves and to misquote the late John F Kennedy, “Ask not what your group can do for you, but what you can do for your group.”

Have a really Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.


John Kendall | Chairman WGMW

John Kendall
John Kendall
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