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  The Western Group of Motoring Writers was formed in 1983 to represent the views of its members when communicating with the motor industry. We also perform the role of event organiser for motoring events, test drives and new model launches. 

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Our PR Driving Day at Castle Combe Circuit

Every year the Western Group of Motoring Writers invites PRs from various companies to our special event at Castle Combe. Many cars are available to drive from many manufacturers, its a great day and has been held for many years.

The 2020 event normally held in June was cancelled due to Coronavirus.

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Membership of the WGMW helped raise my professional profile when I switched to motoring journalism. It also gave me the chance to mix with experienced writers and invitations to attend regional launch events. The icing on the cake is our unique PR Driving Day at Castle Combe Circuit – a great opportunity to network informally, have fun and raise money for charity.
Gavin Herincx


I am a recent member of the Western Group of Motoring Writers and have found it highly useful for my business. It is a very well connected and respected motoring group within the UK car industry.The annual Western Group PR driving day is an excellent event for networking within the industry and a most enjoyable day for all involved.

Jonathan Humphrey


As a freelancer, I really appreciate the networking opportunities provided by the Western Group. They really help to connect motoring journalists across the South West with each other, as well as strengthening our links with the car manufacturers. I’m a relatively recent addition to the Group, but I’ve already found very useful.

Chris Pickering

Freelance Automotive Journalist

From the chair: 1 October 2020

It has been a very strange summer. The national lockdown really hit journalists, PR departments and dealerships together with manufacturers in a way no one could have expected as we celebrated the arrival of 2020 in January. It was tough then with the global economy...

From the chair: 1 Sept 2020

The SMMT still hopes to run its 2020 driving day, eventually. Latest is a move to 1 October, when the Government permits larger gatherings for business and sporting events. The SMMT and Millbrook have been working on the familiar pattern for the day but it will be...

From the chair: August 2020

Whither the UK motor industry? SMMT car registration data shows that for January to June 2020, new car registrations were half the corresponding figure for the first half of 2019, and if June 2020 improved to 65% of the 2019 level, this is certainly the very best hope...

From the chair: July 2020

There’s a new normal shaping the motoring world and how journalists and PRs react to it and one another. Motor shows seem to be dying faster than the fashions of the human models used to adorn the stands as the traditional calendar is not just screwed up and thrown...

From the chair: June 2020

This week we should have been enjoying the famous Western Group PR Driving Day, but instead we are all suffering to various degrees from the lingering effects of the Coronavirus-19 pandemic. In just over two- months our motoring world has ground to standstill....

From the chair: May 2020

A few months ago, no-one could have accurately predicted the volcanic social upheaval now shaking itself through Britain, the rest of the world and our particular automotive industry. Vehicle production stopped, roads emptied, showrooms closed and motorsport become...

From the chair: April 2020

The annual Western Group of Motoring Writers PR Driving Day has been cancelled for 2020, writes Robin Roberts. This tough decision to cancel the event scheduled for 3 June 2020 has been taken only after a lot of heart-searching in light of the very latest...

From the Chair: March 2020

The motor industry has been dealing with exhaust waste since the 1970s but another issue is now rolling into view. The catalytic converter which largely took care of hydrocarbon emissions also obliged refineries to remove lead, a known toxin, from petrol. Used as an...

From the chair: February 2020

The quickening approach of pure battery and plug-in hybrid vehicles is providing a further challenge to PRs and agencies. We simply don’t have the infrastructure to support a big ev-car or van launch with most hotels running to just a couple of recharging points which...

From the chair: January 2020

The Christmas “post” always includes one piece of mail with a shorter life-span than a turkey - the annual SMMT yearbook for the coming 12 months. It is only a matter of hours or days before this hardy annual goes soft and become outdated. In fact it has been known to...

Kim Henson | WGMW Member

Future Classics

Future Classics: 12 Smart Roadster

Future Classics: 12 Smart Roadster

For the final car to feature in his year-long series covering ‘collectable’ models introduced during the three decades since the Western Group of Motoring Writers was formed, Kim Henson takes a close look at another modern classic, the diminutive but sporty 21st century smart Roadster –

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