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  The Western Group of Motoring Writers was formed in 1983 to represent the views of its members when communicating with the motor industry. We also perform the role of event organiser for motoring events, test drives and new model launches. 

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Our PR Driving Day at Castle Combe Circuit

Every year the Western Group of Motoring Writers invites PRs from various companies to our special event at Castle Combe. Many cars are available to drive from many manufacturers, its a great day and has been held for many years.

The 2020 event normally held in June was cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Snaps from the driving days

Over the years

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WGMW News and Views

Monthly News from our Chairman and views and opinions from our writers

From the chair: October 2021

The Western Group of Motoring Writers recently held its first face-to-face meeting for over a year courtesy of Honda UK and to whom we are very grateful.  By the way, there was no truth in the rumour that Honda PR Emma Butler used the meeting as a rehearsal for...

From the Chair: September 2021

Electric cars are slowly improving, a development that some members of the WG recently were able to ascertain for themselves driving Honda’s new battery entry to the European market, the E. But while their manufacturers energetically promote them, electric cars remain...

From the Chair: July 2021

While the pandemic with its daily statistics and intermittent lockdowns has naturally dominated the news for a year-and-a-half, other matters of interest, not to say concern, have often been overlooked. A case in point is the rise and rise of urban clean air zones,...

From the chair June 2021

Slowly, very slowly, things are getting back to normal for motoring journalists, prs, the industry and dealers but no-one knows what that "new normal" will be or how it will work out and that is potentially a sticking point for everyone which will not take forward...

From the chair: April 2021

The recent Evergreen affair underlines just how much the motor industry is at the mercy of supply chains over which it has little control. The Suez Canal bottleneck will probably result in some shipments arriving three-to four-weeks late and for car manufacturers it...

From the chair: March 2021

There are a few weeds to be taken care of as the motor industry, energy providers, related suppliers and authorities take us down the green road towards 2030 and onwards. The haste and race to have low emission cars and other vehicles on our roads is tripping over...

From the chair: February 2021

  Journalists and PRs in the motoring world share their love of cars and that has been severely tested over the last 12 months.   Jobs have gone, people have gone, plans shelved and events cancelled, including our own WGMW PR Driving Day 2020. Some...

From the chair January 2021

I think every member will be glad to see the back of 2020. It has destroyed many lives, businesses, overturned accepted social norms and events. It has also brought a lot of us closer together, removed veils and opened eyes to what is happening in front of them. As a...

From the Chair: 1 December 2020

After a truly different year, the Western Group of Motoring Writers broke new ground with its first on-line AGM. It didn't go as well as we wanted but certainly most members who wanted to were able to join in and generally it ran as a Real World round-table would have...

From the chair: 1 November 2020

Well Lockdown 2.0, or if you live in Wales Lockdown 2.5, is underway and highlights how differently the Coronavirus is being tackled. Strictly speaking, only essential travel is being permitted whether you live in Wales, England or Scotland and it's been interesting...

Kim Henson | WGMW Member

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