A luxurious family owned West-country house by the sea, The Nare Hotel, is the first of several Pride of Britain members hotels to provide its guests the exclusive opportunity to hire an iconic Morgan 4/4.

Morgan Motor Company of Malvern is the oldest privately owned automaker in the world and has joined forces with the well-respected Pride of Britain Hotels – the group holds a long-standing reputation for recognising hotels serving the finest hospitality.

The new found partnership allows members of Pride of Britain Hotels to extend the hire of a Morgan 4/4 to guests.

Situated on the Roseland Peninsula, this south coast stretch of Cornwall is a quiet Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Lunch for two can be enjoyed at the most scenic spot on the journey courtesy of the car’s traditional rear-mounted picnic hamper.

Having been produced since 1936, the Morgan 4/4 is the longest running production vehicle in the world.

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