Volkswagen launched a Welsh language advert for the new Beetle.

In the build-up to St David’s Day, the advert was created for Welsh media after a suggestion to Volkswagen by our own website editor, Robin  Roberts.

The advert simply states in English and Welsh that you can get £1,000 off the deposit of a new Beetle, no matter which language you speak.

While VW dealers in Wales have run special Welsh adverts for special events, it is believed to be the first time that the Volkswagen Group in Britain has taken the initiative. It comes a few weeks after another VW advert appeared to discriminate against the Welsh in an offer which was open to English, Scottish and Irish customers.

Complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority but not upheld. The ASA ruling stated that “The chosen theme was based on an old type of joke which traditionally relied on the comedy rule-of-three. While some people would notice the absence of a Welshman or a woman it was unlikely that anyone would interpret the ad as excluding anyone from the offer on grounds of gender or national origin. The ad might prompt queries but it was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence.”

A spokesman for Volkswagen UK said they had never meant to discriminate against any buyers and welcomed the opportunity to invite customers in Wales to save on Beetle deposits in the run up to the new plate issue from 1 March.

Our own former chairman,  Robin, added, “It would appear that claims about a lack of humour possessed by the Germans are grossly unfair. Now it would be nice to think we can look forward to them forming a rugby team as well after their failure at soccer.”

Robin Roberts
Robin Roberts
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