Excited editors and pushy producers now have an extra pair of hands to tune that story before deadline, just call the Knowledge Garage.

Set up by the Western Group of Motoring Writers, the Knowledge Garage is a one-stop shop intended to give your story the once over and turn it into a potentially award winning piece of journalism for your outlet.

Working with print, tv, radio or website staff, the Knowledge Garage experts can give you facts, figures, comment and criticism to inform and entertain readers, viewers and listeners and produce reaction from them.

With a combined 250 years of experience – twice as long as the car has been on the road – the Knowledge Garage team can help you with any enquiry about classic and modern cars, diesels, alternative fuels, industry and sales, females and young & old drivers, advanced and foreign driving, motor sport, historic items and photography. 

So, if you are working in the media and stuck for a contact on a motoring story or issue, the Knowledge Garage can solve your problem with a phone call or email, or provide a friendly voice and face.

Western Group vice-chairman Robin Roberts is one of the Knowledge Garage team and explained the thinking behind the professional editorial service.

“The group has been around for over 30 years and includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable journalists in the business,” he said.

“We have been often called and asked to provide help and interviews for mainstream or specialist media and realised that with the explosion in media outlets there is often a lack of qualified people to help produce pieces to meet deadline.”

Depending on what you want and the work involved, the Knowledge Garage experts assistance is free or available for a modest fee.

If you working in the media and need the experts’ services, click on the tab on our front page.

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