Sixty years ago the No1 Christmas hit was ‘I’m walking backwards for Christmas’ by The Goons and that’s what I hope is going to happen in 2017, says Captain Pugwash.

I’d like to believe and hope that we’ll be going back in time as the rampant rise of technology into every aspect of our daily lives begins to meet resistance as we seek a more simple, analogue existence.

In the music industry, vinyl is making a comeback and there’s no reason why the motor industry can’t simplify its product offerings. But of course it won’t because traditional vehicle manufacturers are inherently risk averse and it takes a company like Tesla to ruffle a few of the establishment’s feathers. I am not at all convinced that all new car buyers want the very latest ‘must have’ gizmos. 

By the way who is it that actually determines what the two million motorists who will buy a new car next year ‘must have’ – a focus group of a dozen people ?

You can’t continue to force technology onto consumers who may have never realised that they either wanted or needed it.

Hopefully 2017 will also see a return in popularity of KISS. Not the rock band but ’keep it simple, stupid’. 

Marketing is becoming too smart for its own good as creative operatives disappear up their own brand values and campaigns become more and more obscure and less relevant to most consumers.

Is it wishful thinking on my part to hope that cars and their respective marketing campaigns will become more simple? Probably, but anything is possible on Planet Pugwash.

Have a very merry, traditional, Christmas. 

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