The first enhanced Porsche 911 audio video eBook has been published by WGMW member Glen Smale.

Performance Car Publishing, an all-Welsh team in South West Wales, has published the first in a series of new enhanced eBooks. Believed to be a first in the field of automotive publishing, this eBook will cover the design and development of the iconic Porsche Carrera RS 2.7, originally unveiled in 1972. The unique selling point of this eBook is that the reader will be able to activate videos of the car in action, as well as various sound clips and interviews with Porsche engineers, designers and racing drivers directly from the pages of the book.

“I have been really privileged to interview some of the most memorable and celebrated Porsche personalities over the years, and thought it would be a novel experience for readers to hear the actual voice of the interviewee, whether at a racetrack, in an interview room, or in a workshop environment,” says Porsche expert and author of the book, Glen Smale. 

Back in 1972, the Carrera RS 2.7 was the most powerful sports car in the Porsche range – and the RSR 2.8 as it was known in racing trim – was dominant in its class. The model served as a forerunner of the mighty 934 and 935 racing cars, possibly the most successful production-based racing cars of all time. With a little more than 1500 examples produced, the value of the Carrera RS 2.7 has today skyrocketed, with some models fetching more than US$1 million at auction.

This eBook covers the design and development of the Carrera RS 2.7, highlights the various derivatives in the model range, and describes briefly the car’s launch. It then details the car’s engine as well as other technical attributes, and gives a brief history of the RSR’s motorsport achievements. Original video footage and images have been sourced from the Porsche Archive, while Virtual Motorpix has also provided images.

Published under the banner of Performance Car Series, this will be the first of many interactive eBook on an automotive theme. The easy style makes this an interesting read for both Porsche enthusiasts and novices. Further titles in the series will be published early in 2016, and interested readers can keep abreast of these developments on Facebook and Twitter.

The Performance Car Series will be available to purchase from the iBooks store as from 3 December 2015 for £6.99, and will also shortly be available on other e-reader platforms.

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