The group and the industry had a busy few months through the summer and there does not appear to be a let up in the frenzy as the Frankfurt motor show begins this week and our own AGM is on the horizon.

There are dozens of new model launches taking place and even more updates in Germany, and the diary is filling up for first drives and regional events over coming months.

It shows that despite the gloom-ridden forecasts our motor industry is thriving and that is good news for motoring writers. The industry is very active and I would like to think thewesterngroup is rising to its challenges. 

The next meeting of the group is on tuesday  24 September  at  Calcot Manor following the Skoda regional driving day. It’s an important one, the last before the AGM. 

We’ll be discussing the many things and events that will be on the agenda: Cuttings, details of who can vote at the agm, the offices that will need filling as well as affairs of the moment, encouragingly including yet another new member application which shows the continuing and growing importance of our group.

Please make every effort to attend. Everybody has had a busy time, we all have livings to earn, but we do need a vibrant group that is a platform for everyone’s views. 

I thought you might like this picture. Is the penny farthing overtaking the car or is the car, carrying a member of the cloth, undertaking the cyclist? We all travel down the road of life, sometimes at different speed and on different sides but it is the same road. 


Reg Burnard |Acting Chairman WGMW

Reg Burnard
Reg Burnard
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