As I write, we have just one month to go before the PR Driving Day on 2 June at Castle Combe.

So far, we have had a number of press offices register for the day but there are plenty more to come. 

So if you have yet to do it, make it a priority when you return tomorrow from the May Day bank holiday. Organiser Alyson Marlow will be very pleased to hear from you

So far, we have a reversing exercise for you, hopefully with a car and a truck, but not at the same time and in the same place. There will also be an opportunity for you to sample driving a truck on the circuit thanks to DAF Trucks who are planning to bring along a full size artic and trailer. 

Back by popular request will be the massage team who helped swell our charity donations last year, again kindly sponsored by Mitsubishi. Id-pr will be checking cars in and out again for us to help smooth our car handling.

Kim Henson has been arranging our classic car collection for the day and if you have a car you would like to bring along, please contact Kim and he would be very pleased to help. Kim will also be organising our classic car quiz this year, all to help swell our charity donations and testing you with Kim’s Knic-Knacs.

Thanks to VW for hosting a meeting at Calcot Manor during their regional driving day. Leigh Robinson kindly took the meeting minutes while we are trying to fill the gap left by Liz Turner who has departed for Internal Communications at JLR. Dave Moss is bringing his considerable experience to bear in helping us keep the secretarial side ticking over until the AGM.

We welcomed two new members at the Calcot meeting, photographer James Mann and Gareth Herincx. A warm welcome to them both and we hope they will both be able to join us at Castle Combe next month.

John Kendall | Chairman WGMW

John Kendall
John Kendall
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