Whenever I think that December is going to deliver a fairly relaxed run up to Christmas, I’m usually tempting fate and 2013 is no different from others.

I’m running to keep up, with Christmas just four days away. Today is the winter solstice – the sun rose at 8:04 this morning and set at 3:53pm. From tomorrow, we will have progressively more daylight, a turning point I always look forward to.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already two weeks since the Western Group Christmas Dinner, an event that seemed to go very well. The conversation flowed, the wine flowed – a bit further than was planned on a couple of the rowdy tables and we welcomed our special guest Rodney Gooch, who has done so much to ensure that our PR driving days have been a success at Castle Combe over many years. Rodney is retiring, but has been tempted to stay on part-time to help our favourite circuit with organising its motorcycle events and Castle Combe’s Autumn Classic.

It was a pleasure to present Rodney with a piece of Bristol Blue glass as a token of the Group’s appreciation. “What an honour to be invited and then presented with the piece of Bristol blue glass on Saturday but quite humbling too”, said Rodney, “I’ve been very lucky to have a job I have loved, which has made doing it so much easier and its always been so enjoyable working with the group.”

Just this week, we handed over our last charitable donation following the 2013 Driving Day, to the National Star College at Cheltenham. Kate Green, Director of Capital Appeals accepted the cheque on behalf of the college and gave us a glimpse of the work they do. I’m looking forward to visiting and seeing how our donation will help the transformational work the college carries out with its young students.

2014 will be with us before we know it. Planning for the Western Group PR Driving Day 2014 is already under way and we’re looking forward to returning to Castle Combe on 25th June. Kia has already offered to host the group for the day before, so my thanks in advance to Steve Kitson and his team for their help.

Thanks to the committee for their hard work and all who have helped the group in 2013. I hope 2014 brings happiness and prosperity.


John Kendall | Chairman WGMW

John Kendall
John Kendall
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