This coming year, 2013, is significant not just because the Western Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary but, also, because we share celebrations with two iconic brands and a pair of legendary sports cars.

Later this month on the 15th, Aston Martin will be celebrating its centenary. In fact, it was originally called Bamford and Martin, not acquiring the Aston moniker until Robert Bamford had enjoyed considerable success in one of their cars at the Aston Clinton hillclimb.

At just half its age, Italian supercar builder, Lamborghini is celebrating 50years. Fortunes for both marques have waxed and waned over the years, so they have that in common as well as the fact that at one time Aston was owned by tractor entrepreneur, David Brown whilst Lamborghini was founded by Italian tractor magnate, Ferrucio Lamborghini.

It is now 60 years since one of America’s most famous sports cars, the Corvette first appeared a decade ahead of Porsche’s 911. I  was fortunate enough to be living in Germany, where my father worked, all those years ago and still have vivid memories of seeing a silver 911 flash past us on the autobahn one day. To a lad brought up on a diet of Jaguars, MGs, Triumphs and the like the wail of that air-cooled engine seemed very exotic indeed and ignited my passion for the marque.

It would be nice to dream that we could get some examples of those cars to our driving day on June 19th to help us celebrate our anniversary, even if just for static display. So, any help from members in that direction would be welcomed.

The sub-committee to run the day has been established with Tony Lewis, John Kendall, Kim Henson and Alyson Marlow on board but other volunteers would be welcomed. There will be more news on the driving day in coming months.

There was a good attendance at the pre-Christmas dinner ably organised, as usual, by dinner monitor, Andrew Morland but, as ever, it would be nice to see more members at all events.

Renault-Dacia is putting on a driving day for us at Calcot Manor on 27 February and is also generously hosting our next OGM. Further details to come, but with product managers for Dacia and the new Clio expected to be on hand, it will be an excellent opportunity for members to get first hand knowledge of both cars in addition to sampling them on the road.

Ian Adcock | Chairman WGMW

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