March is generally not my favourite month. 

As a monthly magazine editor, it means a short month in February, plus the Geneva Show, which means a pile of extra work. I’m not complaining, but usually glad when April Fools Day comes looming up over the horizon.

More importantly, March is a sharp reminder that the Western Group PR Driving Day is now around 3 months away and as spring comes along and turns into summer, the longer days seem somehow shorter and the event will be with us before we know it.

Kia is kindly hosting the group the day/evening before the event and we are now sorting out the final details with the ever-unflappable Matt Bendall. It’s nice to know that another press office was also keen to host us – so the Western Group Driving Day seems to be as much in demand as ever – music to our ears.

Setting the date for the event is always something of a juggling act. June is not surprisingly a popular month bringing the Le Mans 24 hours, the British Grand Prix is usually at the beginning of July, the Guild Classic could deprive us of a few members when we need them at Castle Combe and then there’s the Goodwood Festival of Speed with the Moving Motor Show added at the beginning for good measure. 

That’s four events in as many weeks. The Goodwood Festival of Speed press day brought the news of this year’s dates a couple of weeks ago and the Moving Motor is on 26 June, the day after the Driving Day, which hopefully won’t deprive us of too many of our PR colleagues. The next few days means checking to see how many could be affected, plus a meeting at Castle Combe to tie up a few loose ends.

See what I mean about March?

John Kendall | Chairman WGMW

John Kendall
John Kendall
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