A new piece of software to cut accidents among young drivers has been launched.

Parents can download the Anti Performance Related Integrated Limiter software programme as an App for iPhones and Android users.

Road safety will be improved because the software will alert parents when their children are driving at excessive speeds, it then automatically sends an audible warning to the child’s mobile ‘phone indicating they should slow down. 

If they fail to do so, it will automatically start to slow the car down to below the relevant local speed limit recognised via navigation software.

Letting the car’s systems take over is the next stage for the App update being planned and still under development.

For ultimate safety, ignoring the warnings will trigger a sequence of events in strict order using on board sensors.

“Our App will automatically slow the car, position it on the roadside, switch the engine off and lock the doors until adults arrive, either parents or the police, to take the teenagers away,” said Juha Jøkkene, principal engineer, who added that the phased update would be available from the beginning of April, 2014.

Operational tests have shown the App works in all weather conditions but for safety reasons not in tunnels. 

Leading the development is Family Interest Research Science Trust and the new App costs just £13.04 from: www.looflirpa.com .

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