Here we go!

Registration is now available for the 2018 Driving Day at Castle Combe on 6 June.

Our partners ID-PR have set up the process based on the highly successful site we used in 2017 and if you registered for that your details will be valid for this year. If you have forgotten your details, are new to the industry or the event, please log in and you will be told what to expect. Contact details are on the dedicated website.

We have kept down costs as much as possible but there is a slight increase in attendance fees this year and if you want a logo on the home page, preferential treatment at sign in or just feel generous towards the best regional writers’ group in the the world please let us know and for a one off fee you’ll become a Signature Sponsor and attract our never-ending thanks, even possibly a bouquet or cigar from David Miles. 

thewesterngroup #DD2018 is your chance to play muttering rotter for a day, meet some real journlists not on-line entities or ghosts, drive the latest cars and of course talk a bit to fellow PRs and possibly go home with a unique prize. It doesn’t happen anywhere else. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Apply now

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