Praise for DD2016 has poured in, but one deserves special mention from the young man who came with Aston Martin for the ultimate “work experience”.

Luke was lucky enough to get a place with Aston Martin but even luckier to be chauffeured to DD2016.

He took full advantage of passenger rides and seemed to savour the event, writing in his blog…“I was astonished by the whole experience. 

“Everything from the catering to the magnificent cars, Castle Combe exceeded my expectations. Its rich cultural background and phenomenal racing track blew my mind and has increased my interest in cars in general.

“I rode in two different cars. The V8 Mustang and a Jaguar XF, both cars are brilliantly made. The V8 has an exciting and adventurous feel and an engine that ‘roars’. On the contrary the Jaguar has a more subtle feel but has the capability to accelerate immensely.

“My opinion on the car industry has increased hugely. Before I entered the world of Castle Combe I had never been to a racing car track, ever. I have been Go-karting before and really enjoyed it but seeing the cars out on track has just taken it to a whole new level of excitement.

“Even though I did not witness a race I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of Castle Combe. I am definitely returning to watch a race.”

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