Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav) has been chosen to complete the selection of the top 10 items for the History of Motoring exhibition at the Cotswold Motoring Museum.

Over 1,000 visitors to the Museum in Bourton-on-the-Water made their choice, and Sat Nav won by a clear margin. Inspired by a British Museum and Radio Four programme describing the history of the world in 100 objects, the Cotswold Motoring Museum looked at 9 objects from its own collection for an exhibition entitled A History of Motoring in 10 Objects. 

The museum sifted through thousands of items, including some rather quirky and intriguing objects, to shortlist the nine, with the 10th item open to public vote.

It took a year of research for the Museum team to whittle down the list of objects, and Michael Tambini, Museum Curator, admits there were some lively debates along the way! ‘We managed to come to a consensus in the end. It was important to give an overall picture of the industry, not forgetting public opinion, hence the inclusion of the open selection for one of the 10 objects.

“We were overwhelmed with the response from our visitors, and Sat Nav won the vote in the end by a country mile! In the space of less than twenty years in the UK market, Sat Nav has established itself as a must-have for modern day motoring society.’ 

The complete top 10 is:

Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav)

 The Seat Belt

The Dunlop Tyre

The Internal Combustion Engine

Austin Seven

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

The Bowser Bump

The Catseye

The Shell Guides

SU carburettor

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Robin Roberts
Robin Roberts

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