Lurking in the deepest darkest depths is a creature so deadly to man that royals, celebrities and mere mortals dread them wherever they pass.

Armed with a weapon so dangerous it can destroy someone in seconds, they are creatures to be feared the world over.

A simple aim and quick shot and you’re captured for all eternity. Even the cover of nightfall provides no sanctuary as they possess a gun that flashes beams of light all around.

I refer, of course, to the Snapper, otherwise known as the photographer.

I discovered to my dismay there was nowhere to hide when Western Group member Glen Smale was on my trail. Despite the finest attempts by me and the wonderful Kate Dixon to escape the dreaded lens, we were caught unawares.

We must get together now and conjure up a plan of revenge – watch this space Mr Snappy-Snap! 

Maxine Ashford
Maxine Ashford

Maxine has more than 30 years’ experience in journalism and has been specialising in motoring for the last 18 years, so fulfilling a life-long passion. It gives her the chance to drive all the new models both here in the UK and overseas, as well as interviewing the specialists and engineers behind the very latest innovative technology. Maxine has written for national and regional newspapers, specialist magazines, leading websites and also completed assignments in broadcasting.

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