Now you do see some strange things these days on launch events, but nothing prepared us for what lurked around a hairpin bend in The Pyrenees.

We slowed the rather lovely Jaguar XF to approach a hairpin bend on a route that is used by cyclists on the Tour De France but as we turned there was a giant vulture sat right in our path. It stood at least two-and-a-half feet high and my first thoughts – don’t ask me why – was “Oh it’s a set of golf clubs!  Specsavers beckons.

As we edged slowly closer it moved gracefully and rather casually across to the wall at the side of the road.

I suggested, to no avail, that my co-driver David Miles stand next to it so we could get a sense of scale, but he seemed unwilling and eventually he flew away, the bird that is.

But not before I managed to capture him on my trusty phone.

It seems the bend is known for vultures, although not many people see them as close up as we did.

All I can add is – it’s little wonder those cyclists go so fast.

Maxine Ashford
Maxine Ashford

Maxine has more than 30 years’ experience in journalism and has been specialising in motoring for the last 18 years, so fulfilling a life-long passion. It gives her the chance to drive all the new models both here in the UK and overseas, as well as interviewing the specialists and engineers behind the very latest innovative technology. Maxine has written for national and regional newspapers, specialist magazines, leading websites and also completed assignments in broadcasting.

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