Britain by numbers: Part 2

If you’ve jumped here to discover how our motorways are numbered, you’ll probably find it helpful to read part 1 on the A and B road numbering system as background in unravelling what follows. After that you’ll need a certain level of concentration to see through this convoluted story, as unravelled by Dave Moss –

Britain by numbers: Part 1

It’s a complex hundred year old story resulting in a system which has largely stood the test of time, despite being a tortuous tale of delay and intrigue, tempered by only occasional inspiration, says Dave Moss –

From the chair: December 2014

The AGM is behind us and we have a new Honorary Secretary.  Liz Turner is already fizzing with ideas, so watch the website for further developments in the coming months. Many thanks to our retiring honorary secretary Glen Smale for a good job well done, over the...