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Newspress Awards making the news

Newspress staged its first awards evening in London with gongs for journalists, publications, websites, videographers, photographers and on the PR side, for both teams...

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From the chair: November 2015

With the Group AGM just under two weeks away, it is hard to believe it’s two years since I first wrote this column.  In truth,...

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From the chair: October 2015

Former WGMW treasurer Mike Orford probably won’t want to be reminded that he takes up his new job as head of PR for VW...

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From the chair: September 2015

September already? The summer seems to have come and gone with alarming rapidity, not least the sun or absence thereof.  Just the same, the grass...

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From the chair: August 2015

I didn’t keep a running check of the showroom value of all the cars that I drove at the recent JLR driving event at...

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