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Driving the chairman around the bend

‘Better the devil you know than the one you don’t’ - a saying that can be applied in all walks of life especially work.   Perhaps...

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Chas and Dave motoring memories

While attending the Mitsubishi Motors 25th anniversary event celebrating their sponsorship of the Badminton Horse Trials, during a visit to the media centre  I came across a...

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25 Years and counting as horse power backs Badminton Horse Trials

This year is the 25th anniversary of Mitsubishi Motors sponsoring the Badminton Horse Trials, one of the most famous equestrian events in the world.   The trials...

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Miles on the road in India

Whatever you imagine India to be like, whatever you have heard about it – good or bad, it is all likely to be true...

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When driving courtesy goes out of the window

Apart from our fast deteriorating road surfaces and the increase in traffic both on major motorways, A roads and the ever increasing volume of...

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